andre stephens

PhD Candidate

2014 - 2017

Unfinished Sentences

As the Data Engineering fellow, I processed messy data, constructed databases & managed a data pipeline for UW Center for Human Rights. The data are being used in lawsuits on behalf of victims of human rights violations.

Summer 2015

AccessMap Routing

During the summer 2015, I was a data science intern for the e-UW eScience Institute. I cleaned and processed shapefiles and wrote scripts to manage API queries. These were used in a routing optimization app for persons with limited mobility.

2011 - 2012

National Export Strategy

I served as Technical Officer for Jamaica’s export-enhancing strategy. I designed an exporter market intelligence tool for struggling exporters. I improved monitoring efficiency by prototyping a real-time online reporting system.

2016 - present

Post-Recession Public Finance

My research explains the effects of post-recession economic policies promoted by international financial institutions and the private sector. I spent 6 months in Jamaica interviewing senior officials from government, the IMF, World Bank, finance, etc. 


Legal Cannabis Markets

As a research assistant, I led a team of undergraduates conducting interviews with cannabis shop owners. I used webscraping and geocoding tools to construct a visual map of shop locations and licences which used for analysis and presentation.

2013 - 2014

Global Disaster Preparednesss

As research assistant on a Red Cross-funded project, I assessed the disaster preparedness success factors across 6 countries. I conducted 2 weeks of field interviews with Red Cross volunteers. The project led to a best practices model distributed globally.


2019 (expected)

Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology

University of Washington, Seattle


M.A. Sociology

University of Washington, Seattle


M.Sc. Political Science

SciencesPo Bordeaux • UAG Martinique • UWI Jamaica


Natural Language Processing: text processing • webscraping • speech2text • LDA
Statistical modelling: regression • clustering • Latent Dirichlet • MLE
Languages​: Python • R • SQL
Tools: nltk • bs4 • pandas • numpy • matplotlib • ggplot2 • git • QGIS
Data Engineering: parsing • wrangling • building databases • pipelining



Chester Fritz International Fellowship

Graduate School, University of Washington, Seattle


Jennifer Caldwell Fellowship

Center for Human Rights, University of Washington, Seattle


Ben E. Linder Fellowship

Center for Human Rights, University of Washington, Seattle


Data Science for Social Good Fellowship

eScience Institute, University of Washington, Seattle

About Me

I have 5 years of experience doing statistical methods and programming on diverse projects. I am a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Washington where I study public finance. I’ve never quite been able to shake the itch to learn, nor the thirst to solve problems.

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